Submission Policies

Required Manuscript Content

Original Manuscripts

For manuscripts to be considered for publication, they should report original contributions to the theories, experimental results, or applications of the fields listed above. The work should report new results, new applications, or new developments of interest and of general applicability. The manuscript must provide introductory material and context for the work. It must be clear what is new in the work, how it relates to other work in the field, and how it advances the state of the art. Related work must be referenced appropriately. A complete description of the work performed must be provided. Models should be verified by data or some other means. There must be an analysis of data which provides conclusions that are general beyond the specific devices or system studied. The information provided must be sufficient for others to make use of the approach, results, etc. so that the impact is not limited to the particular system or application used in the manuscript. Overall the work needs to be of an archival nature (e.g., not only test results on a part that will be obsolete in a couple of years, or analysis of a particular design without illustration of generally applicable principles, or description of the characteristics of a particular test facility, etc.)

Review Articles

Educational material such as technical/clinical review papers covering the subjects of interest as outlined in the journal scope above will be considered. Potential authors should contact the Editor in Chief prior to submission in order to discuss the relevance and interest of the subject. Review articles will undergo a standard review process.

Short Communications

This type of manuscripts could describe

  1. Novel proof of principle experimental and/or theoretical concepts in the field of radiation imaging, radiation therapy or plasma medicine
  2. Systems, techniques or algorithms developed for a specific application representing additional or confirmatory results. In these cases the authors need to  clearly describe the initial work upon which the presented manuscript is building upon.

These manuscripts can include negative results and conclusions. The submitted papers should not exceed a total of 5 standard IEEE Transactions format pages including figures and tables.


General information for authors on manuscript preparation is given at Note that manuscripts submitted for review should be in the 2-column journal format, according to the standard IEEE template for all Transactions available at this web site.

The authors should submit the complete paper that includes the text, figures and tables to the ScholarOne Manuscripts in one PDF file.

Providing multimedia files or other documents as supporting material is optional and will be considered in the review process. Any such additional information should be uploaded as supporting documents on ScholarOne and will appear for the reviewers in the supplementary files tab. Any such supplementary material should be mentioned in the paper. If the paper is accepted, such supplementary material will be made available in IEEE Explore Digital Library. More details on such files can be found on

Submission of a published conference paper

The policy of TRPMS allows in principle the submission of manuscripts describing work previously presented at a conference only if the submitted paper is a substantially extended version of the originally published conference paper. This should be clearly noted in a cover letter to the Editor in Chief. The conference paper must be properly referenced in the text of the submitted manuscript and the inclusion of any material (figure, table), appearing in the published conference paper, should be accompanied by a permission from the appropriate publisher (if the conference is not an IEEE one). The conference paper must be uploaded as a supporting document when submitting the manuscript.


By uploading the manuscript the corresponding author certifies that:

  1. The manuscript is submitted with the full knowledge and consent of all co-authors (if any), and that will undertake to keep all co-authors informed of all correspondence about the manuscript

  2. Contents of this manuscript are original and it has not been submitted simultaneously for consideration towards publication in another journal or published previously. Keep in mind that all submissions will be checked by the iThenticate tool for plagiarism and excessive reuse of authors own existing material. In cases of plagiarism or excessive reuse, the manuscript may be rejected without further consideration.

  3. In the event that the manuscript is accepted, the authors will provide a final version that will fundamentally correspond, in length and contents, to the submitted version, except for parts that may be added or modified to comply with the reviewers’ suggestions permitted by the editor. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it weaker than what was approved by the reviewers

  4. None of the authors are on the IEEE Restricted Author list

  5. If the manuscript reports on results of a study involving human subjects or animals, the authors attest that the experimental procedures were reviewed and approved or granted a waiver by the appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee. The authors will include a statement in the Methods section indicating that approval or a waiver was obtained from the institutional review board or ethics committee in regard to the study presented in the manuscript. For those institutions that do not have a formal review committee, the authors will include a statement indicating that the research was carried out following the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.

  6. All manuscripts are required to include an ethics statement and a COI statement within the manuscript upon submission. Please see for more information. The appropriate statements must be included in the manuscript at the time of submission or it will be returned to the authors.

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