Past Special Issues

Role of Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Medical Applications 2022 TRPMS 2022
Advanced topics in particle radiotherapy 2020 TRPMS PRT 2020
Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Therapy 2020 TRPMS AI RT 2020
Time-of-light PET 2020 TRPMS TOF PET 2020
Single photon counting spectral x-ray computed tomography imaging 2020 TRPMS PCDCT 2020
AI for image reconstruction and processing in radiation imaging 2020 TRPMS AI 2020
Parametric imaging for clinical applications 2020 TRPMS SI 2020
Particle therapy 2019 TRPMS PT 2019
Dedicated clinical brain imaging systems 2018 TRPMS Brain 2018
Biochemical and Biomedical Effects of Plasma-Liquid Activation 2018 TRPMS Plasma 2018
PET/SPECT/MR conference
Fully 3D image reconstruction conference 2017
IWPCT conference 2017
Computational human phantoms conference 2017
PET/SPECT/MR conference 2017
Machine learning in radiation based medical sciences 2017 TRPMS MLRMS 2017