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The Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) has launched a new journal, the Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences (TRPMS). It is co-sponsored by the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS).

The scope of the IEEE TRPMS encompasses technology and application areas related to radiation- and plasma-based medical sciences. These areas include radiation detectors for medical and biological applications; imaging system design/optimization/performance; therapy-related system design/optimization/performance; radiation-application-based image reconstruction, data analysis and image processing; medical radiation therapy applications; clinical/preclinical evaluation of imaging and therapy systems, plasma applications in medicine and biology; and simulations for imaging and therapy applications. Educational material such as technical/clinical review papers covering the above subjects of interest is also included.

The objective of this journal is to create a unique publication related to the application of radiation and plasma sciences within the medical field. TRPMS aims at combining the larger and well established field of radiation medical applications with the upcoming plasma medical sciences domain, providing a unique venue for the publication of radiation- and plasma-based medical sciences. No such journal exists today either within IEEE or other publishers.

Both of the current NPSS publications, the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS) and the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS), publish papers with medical sciences content. These two journals are general in scope and have very broad coverage; thus the medically related papers have typically not received as much visibility as we would like, nor are they indexed by PubMed. The intent is for that content to transition to the new journal TRPMS. We believe that the new journal will prove to be a much better venue for this work. Since we hope to have TRPMS indexed by PubMed as soon as possible, it will also provide much wider exposure within the medical community.

Thus beginning immediately, both TNS and TPS will no longer be accepting medically related manuscripts. We strongly encourage authors to submit such work to TRPMS instead at mc.manuscriptcentral.com/trpms . We believe that authors will find the review process to be as beneficial as that of TNS and TPS, and that publication of their work in this journal will be to their advantage over TNS, TPS, or other possible publication venues.

Questions about this journal may be directed to Dimitris Visvikis at Visvikis.Dimitris@univ-brest.fr.