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Dimitris Visvikis is a director of research with the National Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (INSERM) in France. He is based within the Medical Image Processing Lab in Brest (U650 INSERM), where he is in charge of a group on quantitative multi-modality imaging. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of London in 1996, working within the Joint Department of Physics in the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research. After that he has worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre of the University of Cambridge and spent five years as a principal physicist in the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in University College London. He has spent the majority of his scientific activity in the field of PET imaging, including developments in both hardware and software domains. His current research interests focus on improvement in PET/CT image quantitation for specific oncology applications, such as response to therapy and radiotherapy treatment planning, through the development of methodologies for detection and correction of respiratory motion, partial volume correction, tumour volume segmentation and tumour activity distribution characterisation algorithms, as well as the development and validation of Monte Carlo simulations for emission tomography applications. He is a member of numerous professional societies such as IEEE, AAPM, SNM, EANM, and he is current member of boards including the IEEE Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences Council (NMISC) and the SNM Computer and Instrumentation Council (CaIC).